The Art of Décorage: Declutter Your Home with Clever Storage Solutions

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Let’s face it: We all have clutter. Whether you just use some items too frequently for them to have a permanent “away” spot, or there aren’t enough spaces to store things in your home, or you’ve simply accumulated a lot of STUFF over your years of living, at some point, you’ve run out of places to put things. Sometimes, you look around and wonder if it’s even possible to declutter your home so it looks it did when you bought it.

I’ve come up with some great solutions for things in every room that can function as both décor and storage: Décorage! (If anybody on HGTV starts using that term in the coming months, let me know.) Using these solutions, you can declutter your home without cramming your existing storage spaces full, and while keeping all the items you frequently use in the rooms where they belong.

If you want more information on how to make any of these projects, you can find these and any others on the new board on my Pinterest page.

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1. Decorative Jars on the Counter

One easy way to declutter your home is by putting things like pasta, spices, and baking necessities like flour and sugar in decorative jars on your counter. This both makes them easy to access, and frees up space in your cabinets for less decorative-looking items.

2. Stack Cookie Cutters on a Paper Towel Rack

Cookie cutters take up a lot of space in drawers that could be used for other utensils, but stacking them on a paper towel rack is a cute, fun idea that turns them into a cute, kind of rustic decoration.

3. Put Dividers in a Tin for Your Tea

If you love tea, you probably have a million boxes taking up valuable pantry space. Consider cutting up those boxes and making them into dividers to put into a cute, patterned tin, and putting it on your counter for easy use when you’re craving a soothing cup.


1. Get a Storage Ottoman

This is a win-win solution: You get a place to put your feet up, AND plenty of space inside to store blankets, laptops, chargers, or anything else you want to.

2. Try False Books on the Coffee Table

People put decorative books that nobody reads on the coffee table all the time, so why not make them actually useful? You can use a hollow book to store small chargers, remotes, handheld games systems, coasters, and more!

3. Hide Extension Cords in a Decorative Shoe Box

Extension cords and all the various power suppliers they hold can be unsightly. But all you have to do to hide them is take an old shoe box, paint it or stick some pretty contact paper on it, and put holes in the sides big enough for the wires to fit through.


1. Use A Letter Holder to Organize Flip-Flops

Cute, decorative letter holders can also be used to keep flip-flops and other small, thin shoes organized and easy to access. That’s a win-win: You have easy access to them, so you don’t just leave them on the ground, and you make sure they’re always together, so you don’t waste time searching for the match.

2. Display Cute Accessories on a Cork Board

You can cover a cork board in a cute fabric and tack things like hats, scarves, purses, and jewelry onto it: Easy to access, and a great display for your style!

3.  Use a Spice Rack for Your Perfume Bottles

If your dresser is cluttered with a bunch of different perfumes, consider setting them all on a spice rack. They’re already decorative, pretty bottles, but now they don’t take up so much space!


1. Put Your Makeup Brushes in a Toothbrush Holder

This way, you keep your various makeup brushes organized, easy to access, clean, and un-smushed by everything else in your makeup bag.

2. Attach Your Makeup to a Magnetized Frame

While you’re at it, why not do away with the makeup bag altogether? If you get a thin sheet of metal, frame it, and cover it in a cute contact paper, you get a cute decoration, and all you need to do is stick magnets to the backs of your makeup essentials, and then they’re on the wall whenever you need them.

3. Put All Your Hair Appliances in a Magazine Holder

Straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, and all the brushes that go with them can take up a lot of space under the sink, but putting them all upright in a magazine holder saves a ton of space!


1. Try a Stuffed Animal Swing…

If your kids are like most, their rooms (and the rest of the rooms in your house) are littered with stuffed animals. Declutter your home and give those stuffed animals a fun place to live by making a simple stuffed animal swing out of some rope and a few thin pieces of wood. They have a place to go, and your kids might actually be enthusiastic about putting them there!

2. …or a Stuffed Animal Bean Bag!

If you’d rather hide away those stuffed animals or don’t have a place to put a swing, consider buying a bean bag cover without the filler, and putting stuffed animals in that when not in use. Kids get both easy access to their animals, and a new bean bag chair!

3. Use Clip Boards to Display Kids’ Art

Kids make so much art, it can be hard to keep up with which masterpieces get displayed. But by mounting clip boards on the walls, you can make it easy to swap new art in and out with ease.


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