Winter Curb Appeal

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Now that the holidays are over, we have cleaned up our decorations, let’s not forget that we still need to attract buyers through curb appeal. Here you will find some ideas of ways to draw attention to the outside of your home even during the winter.


Make sure to keep up with your yard, although our yards will not be green like summer, make sure to clean up debris such as leaves and sticks. It may not seem like much but it will make all the difference to visitors.

Another spot to keep clean is your gutters. Gutters get easily clogged with leaves as well so its important to clean frequently. Your windows are the eyes of the house. For $10/window, you can have a professional window cleaning company take the screens out, clean up the sills, and make the windows shine.

Plant some winter plants in your yard to add some extra detail, color, and life. Some plants you could consider are cabbage in your mulch, and small potted blue spruces, or boxwood hedges near your front door.


Just because the holidays are over does not mean you have to strip down all your decor. Leave up a simple evergreen wreath on your front door. A wreath is one of those little things that adds that finishing touch. If you are looking for some more ideas for your front step/porch consider adding one or two lanterns with artificial candles, and some birch sticks in a basket.

Pick one of those warm winter days and add some fresh paint to your front door and mailbox if needed, this will help emphasize that you keep up with your home, and allow for that fresh clean feeling.

winter curb appeal

Outdoor Lighting

Place spotlights under your trees and facing your house to help make your house bright and visible at night to buyers.

Also keep candles in your windows to add a nice cozy feel.


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