How to Make Any Room Feel Larger

Does the interior of your home feel cramped and cluttered? If so, I have all the necessary tips for you to make your room feel neat, organized, and most importantly more spacious. My tips will make any room feel larger.

When choosing a paint color for a room it is important to choose a monochromatic color scheme of colors such as white, beige, light gray, etc. Dark paint colors have a tendency to absorb all the natural light making a room feel dark and small. Lighter colors reflect the lighting to make a room feel much larger, airy, and even much cleaner. Also when painting, one of the most important things is that your ceiling is painted a light color. This will cause for the room to feel much taller, and in order to increase the height of a room even more, paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.

When it comes to flooring, pick a light wood color, or even a light colored tile/carpet. This will make the room feel bigger from top to bottom and increase the natural lighting reflection.

Choose decor with reflective surfaces

You should also add mirrors around your home too, mirrors are very reflective which will cause an illusion that a room is larger then it actually is. When choosing furniture surfaces try to pick ones that are reflective such as mirrored, stainless steel, glass, and glossy tops. Dull pieces again absorb the light and do not expand any spaces.

When placing your furniture there is many things to take into consideration. Do not have all your furniture placed up against a wall, this causes spaces to feel cramped. When you leave a gap in between the furniture piece and a wall it causes the illusion of space. In addition, place your furniture so it draws the eyes upward. This can be done through shelving, floor to ceiling curtains, and choosing a wallpaper with a vertical orientation. All of these furniture placements will help to elongate your room.

When choosing your decorations it is really important to not clutter a room with many small decorations, this makes a room feel very unorganized and messy. Choose larger pieces that attract the eye to make a room feel simple yet large. Larger pieces would be considered one large sofa rather than several chairs, one large painting rather than a collage of smaller artworks, and one bigger coffee table centerpiece. All of these  larger staple decorations will cause your room to feel more expansive and even less distracting. When there is many small decorations it causes an overwhelming, disorganized feel.

In addition when it comes to furniture, try to best match your furniture colors to your paint colors. This will blend the room together more nicely.


Organization is another critical factor when it comes to making a space feel bigger. You should take every opportunity to maximize space. If you have the option to add built-ins to your walls this is a perfect way to not only make a room feel larger, but to keep decor closer to the ceiling, again drawing the eyes upward. Strategically place your furniture in a way so that everything flows together nicely. You should try and choose floating items too, furniture with exposed legs, high up or tall shelving and small side tables. In addition, if you color code your shelves that always adds a feel of organization to a room.


When it comes to doorways, always keep an open feel. If you have the option to pick an open archway or a glass type door, do it. These will enhance that open floor plan feel. If you have solid doors this will cause rooms to feel very closed off from one another. Another way to make a room feel more open is to keep your windows exposed. Do not cover up the windows, if you have blinds or curtains make sure you keep them open at all possible times to draw in as much light as possible.


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