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There are so many benefits to landscaping. Not only does it add curb appeal, but it could also play a factor in helping your home to sell. Whether you are looking to add some eye catching curb appeal through landscaping this season, or add value to your home sale, you have come to the right place.

First, let's start off with why you should landscape your home:

Landscaping adds a lot of character to a home. Well done landscaping will always catch attention rather than having nothing at all. It can also bring out unique qualities to your home that others may not have noticed before.

In addition to character,

landscaping also reduces local flooding. Plants absorb runoff water, which can prevent flooding issues on your property, and even in your home as well. Plants such as trees and bushes can also minimize noise too. You can strategically place them in between properties to help buffer out noise.

If you are selling your home,

landscaping will help increase your home’s value. Landscaping can add value ¬†when compared with a home that has no landscaping. This could appeal to buyers because it makes the home feel more personable and welcoming, especially if done right. Buyers are much more likely to remember your home if your yard is maintained, and catches the eye.

Now let's move onto some ideas of how to achieve beautiful landscaping.

Create several flower beds which can be surrounding by stacked rocks, stones, or even just line up to the grass or sidewalk. Next, choose a color scheme of your choice, for example: pops of color like red, yellow, pink, etc. Colorful flowers look great with lots of greenery.

In order to add some height to your landscaping, alternate trees and bushes, add hanging baskets and assorted pots. This will really help to show off the variety, and even catch eyes from further distances. Another key gardening factor is fresh mulch. Fresh mulch helps the yard to look very clean, and makes your plants more noticeable to viewers. Keep updated with your landscaping throughout changing seasons; for instance, in the summer time have an array of colors, whereas in the fall switch to tones of orange, and yellow.

As for yard maintenance,

make sure you are keeping up with flower beds and your yard as well. Continue to treat weeds, remove dead flower heads, power wash sidewalks or patios, etc. If you have water features in your yard make sure to remove algae in order to keep those as clean and clear as possible.

In addition,

landscaping does not have to be expensive, you can choose to plant perennials which live for longer then two years, so you do not have to keep purchasing new plants each year.


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