Is selling in winter a bad idea?

Here’s a secret that most people are not aware of:  There are a lot of buyers out in the cold and even during the holidays that are making deals in the dead of winter.  So the answer to your question is that selling in winter can bring top dollar!

And here’s why.

Many buyers want to be in their new home before holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, so they are on the hunt and are motivated to beat the spring-time rush.  Unfortunately for buyers, many sellers mistakenly take their houses off the market right before the holidays, thinking (wrongly) that no one will be looking to buy at that time.  But that is good news for sellers because fewer houses on the market means sale prices are top dollar based on low market inventory.

Selling in winter

Who are these buyers?

We get a lot of “choice buyers” during the holidays and January.  Many relocating buyers with new jobs starting are in town during the holidays on their days off from work.  They use their holiday time off to come to town to look, and these folks are motivated with a checkbook in hand ready to make a deal.  Starting a new job at the turn of the New Year is very common, so buying a house and having a lot of closings in the first and second month of the year happens every year.  Holidays, bad weather and even interest rates aside, relocated employees and families need a place to live!

Also, with the New Year just behind us, many people have started thinking about new things and new plans for their families such as upsizing, downsizing or buying that shore house.   These shoppers are on-line searching and dreaming in January and February to see what is available – the excitement and motivation of the New Year is upon us!  Our phones are constantly ringing at the end of the year into January as buyers and sellers are ready to get started in the New Year with their new Real Estate plans.

Real Estate in Winter

This year is geared up to be a busy one and I suggest not waiting until February after Super Bowl Sunday like everybody else, call me now and get a jump on the competition and make a better deal in January.  Now is an excellent time to buy and sell a house.


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